The following In these terms and conditions unless the context requires otherwise.
The Company refers to Leeds Arts and Modifications Bureau.
The Event refers to the Leeds International Tattoo Exposition.
The Venue refers to the First Direct Arena Leeds
The Applicant refers to you the signatory.
The Application refers to the collected effort of reading this document, agreeing to the terms and conditions and the act of filling out the following form.
The Work Area refers to the area designated by the Company to the Applicant for the duration of the Event.

1. We the Company reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with immediate effect.
2. By agreeing to these terms you are entering into a legally binding contract with the Company. If you do not wish to enter in to a contract with the Company then you should not agree to these terms. Please make sure to read the following carefully before agreeing to the terms and conditions and submitting the Application.
3. The Applicant accepts responsibility for any artists which are included in the Application.
4. The Applicant releases the Company, the Venue and their respective employees from any claims, actions or demands of law arising from the procedure of tattooing, personal injury, damages or theft taking place within the Applicants Work Area.
5.The Company cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to the Applicants equipment, personal effects, persons or vehicles except where permitted by law.
6. The Applicant agrees that upon success of Application that they (The Applicant) will pay the Work Area rental fee in full as stated within the Application where applicable.
7. The Applicant agrees to pay any sum owed to the Company within 28 days of receipt of successful Application notification. If the Applicant should fail to clear said sum then the Company reserves the right to re sell the Work Area in question, should the company fail to re sell the said Work Area then the Applicant agrees to pay the sum (Work Area rental fee) in full.
8. The Work Area rental fee is £350 per artist.
9. The Applicant is aware that upon success of application reasonable notice (8 weeks) must be given should they (the Applicant) need to cancel their attendance to the Event. Upon reasonable notice of cancellation the applicant is entitled to a refund of 50% of the Work Area rental fee. If the Applicant fails to give reasonable notice of cancellation then there will be no refund.
10. Should the Applicant need to cancel their attendance to the Event then the Company will attempt to re-sell their (the Applicants) Work Area at which point the Company agrees to offer a return of 50% of the Work Area rental fee. However the Company will only attempt to re-sell the Work Area should all other available space be sold.
11. The Applicant agrees that any insurance arrangements covering loss and or damage to possessions and or equipment brought in to the Event/Venue by the Applicant is the responsibility of the Applicant.
12. The Applicant agrees that any insurance arrangements covering public liability, product liability, damage to themselves, members of the public, the Venue or any members of staff caused by the Applicant is the responsibility of the Applicant.
13. The Applicant agrees to produce a copy of any relevant insurance documents upon the demand of an employee of the Company or any lawful agent. Any dispute due to insufficient insurance documentation shall be decided by the Company.
14. The Applicant acknowledges and has carried out the requirements to tattoo legally in their own country.
15. The Applicant will upon notification of successful Application send the Company a photocopy of their registration documentation. The Company will require said registration details before the Event.
16. All electrical equipment used at the Event must be P.A.T tested. The Applicant must make sure any equipment is certified before the Event.
17. The Applicant understands that it may be an amount of time after the Application has been made that the Applicant will be informed of whether the Application has been successful however the Company shall make the utmost effort to process the Application promptly.
18. Any property delivered to the Company or Venue in connection to the Applicant shall be at the total risk of the Applicant.
19. The Applicant agrees to have their Work Area fully prepared before the Venue is opened to the public at 11am on the 4th of July 2020.
20. The Applicant agrees to vacate the Venue before 10pm on the 5th of July 2020.
21. The Applicant agrees to have their Work Area fully dismantled to the state in which it was received, removed all items (including waste) and exited the Venue before 10pm on the 5th of July 2020.
22. All property not reclaimed by 11pm on the 5th of July 2020 will be disposed of without the consultation of or recompense to the Applicant.
23. Should the Work Area display any goods or offer any services that contravene the law then the Company reserve the right to close the Work Area and eject the Applicant without a refund of the Work Area rental fee.
24. The Applicant agrees that the Applicants Work Area will not house any audio equipment which could cause a distraction to other Applicants.
25. The Applicant agrees not to consume food or drink alcoholic beverages within the work area (non alcoholic beverages are permitted).
26. The Company will make utmost effort to attract a substantial audience to the Event however the Company will not be held responsible for a poor turnout or lack of interest in the individual Applicants services/products.
27. Should circumstances out of the Companies control cause cancellation of the Event then the Company may or may not be able to make a refund of the Work Area rental fee.
28. The Company will allow one assistant per artist to enter free of charge however this place must not be sold by the Applicant. Additional assistants must pay a £10 entry fee, which is to be approved in advance of the event via email and is limited to one extra per Applicant. Any further assistants must purchase a full price ticket for the Event.
29. By submitting the Application the Applicant is bound by these terms and conditions.
30. Any dispute arising out of a failure to read or understand these terms and conditions shall rest at the responsibility of the Applicant.
31. Any failure to behave appropriately according to these terms and conditions may result in the Applicant being ejected from the Event without a refund of the Work Area rental fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completing the Application does not guarantee space at the Event.